Worthing Indoor Bowls Club
1 Field Place,
The Boulevard,
Worthing, BN13 1NP.
Tel: 01903 240226

Men's Honours

2013/14R. Potten
2012/13R. Potten
2011/12R. Potten
2010/11R. Potten
2009/10R. Potten
2008/09G. Stewart
2007/08G. Stewart
2006/07G. Stewart
2005/06G. Stewart
2004/05G. Stewart
2003/04G. Stewart
2002/03G. Stewart
2001/02G. Stewart
2000/01G. Stewart
2015/16G. Youngs
2013/14M. Muncey
2012/13M. Muncey
2011/12M. Muncey
2010/11M. Muncey
2009/10M. Muncey
2008/09M. Muncey
2007/08M. Muncey
2006/07M. Muncey
2005/06M. Muncey
2004/05R. Fuller
2003/04R. Fuller
2002/03L. Lewis
2001/02L. Lewis
2000/01L. Lewis
Singles Champion
2016/17M. Howard
2015/16D. Bashford
2013/14I. Donaldson
2012/13I. Donaldson
2011/12M. Howard
2010/11T. Campbell
2009/10T. Campbell
2008/09T. Campbell
2007/08W. Smithers
2006/07T. Campbell
2005/06R. Dray
2004/05R. Dray
2003/04S. Potten
2002/03T. Campbell
2001/02P. Caswall
2000/01P. Tandy
Pairs Winners
2016/17M. Butler / R. Kinley
2015/16P. Caswall / J. Rose
2014/15M.Schools / I.Donaldson
2012/13M. Howard / R. Tugwell
2011/12E. Pidgeon / M. Webb
2010/11E. Pidgeon / M. Webb
2009/10E. Pidgeon / M. Webb
2008/09T. Campbell / C. Young
2007/08T. Campbell / C. Young
2006/07P. Caswall / M. Howard
2005/06T. Campbell / P. Tandy
2004/05J. Clear / S. Potten
2003/04T. Campbell / P. Tandy
2002/03B. Dunne / R. Dray
2001/02S. Potten / R. Potten
2000/01W. Burrows / B. Ford
County Honours
2007/08T. Campbell2007/8 County Singles Champion
2005/06J. Clear / E. Pidgeon / R. Dray2005/6 County Triples Champions
2005/06S. Potten / R. Potten / P. Tandy / R. Dray2005/6 County 4's Champions
2004/05S. Potten / R Dray2004/5 County Pairs Champions
2000/01W. Smithers / G. Archibald2000/1 County Pairs Champions

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